Being a nonfiction reader, I came across Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. Quite a graphic read.

CSI Trivia:
"Where's Grissom?"
"He's giving a workshop at the Body Farm."

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I agree, Stiff is a fascinating book, although not for the squeamish. Opening it at random, I came across a detailed description of maggots on a cadaver, and an explanation of the entry points they prefer.

Another recommendation for those interested in what happens after death is Grave Matters by Mark Harris, which recently came out in paperback. He describes a wide variety of funeral practices, including the incorporation of ashes into molded forms that are then deposited on coral reefs, and the growing practice of "green burial" - shroud only, with no coffin or vault.
Thanks for the recommendation on Grave Matters by Mark Harris.

I've read on the subject of green burial ( Six Feet Under had a powerful storyline on green burial). And I recall websites that explain how to maintain a corpse at home. Oh, the internet . . . a fount of information . . . some of it good even!
Thanks! Both Stiff and Grave Matters are now on my TBR list! Best wishes for a happy 2009!
Thanks, hope you had nice holidays, Persia.


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