I know we've had many discussions here about everybody's views and plans regarding publishing with Amazon or other e-book purveyors.  As it happens with casual chats, not all the information we have shared has always been altogether correct or complete. I believe that others here have immediately corrected any mistakes I may have made, however, please check the facts with Amazon.  I rather assumed that people would do so anyway when they get interested in this option.

I have been told that Amazon doesn't like it much when I get things wrong.  Not that I can blame them, but frankly these threads have always been so positive that they've sent people to Amazon rather than the other way around.  For that matter, I have always spoken highly about Kindle and other Amazon programs.  It does seem a tad nitpicky.

I shall try not to talk about Amazon any more.




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Please don't try too hard.


Writers--and probably Amazon--are probably better off for your participation in these discussions, even when you're mistaken. Someone always pops up with the information we need, who might not have had you not said anything. As for Amazon, I'd think anything that stirs the pot would be good. (All publicity is good publicity.)


I can't remember you saying anything defamatory; you occasionally got a fact wrong, usually about royalty payments. (As I remember.) The corrections made Amazon look good, when people might not have thought about them at all had not the discussion continued.

Your Amazon threads, and others like it, are a big reason why I keep coming back to CrimeSpace.  I don’t even consider myself a crime writing aficionado.  My pursuits are more along the line of graphic novel and children book illustrations, but I can’t find any other place on the internet that has this caliber of writers that discuss their experiences of the publishing industry in such a candid manner.  What I mean by caliber of writers of course are people like yourself and others that get pick up by the majors, get reviewed by reputable sources, find decent representation, and may actually pay their bills with their writing.  Wow!  There are only a couple of thousand on CrimeSpace and the majority of you have been published.  I keep trying to find the CrimeSpace equivalent for Graphic novelist and Children illustration books but I can’t.  I guess what I’m saying is the hell with Amazon’s sensibilities and you keep writing what’s on your mind because without your candid assessment of the publishing industry what’s the point of people like myself to keep coming back here?  Amazon and others like them do just find protecting their interests.  But, who protects the struggling, lowly writer’s interest? As far as I can see it, it’s in only groups like the one your reading now.  Keep up the good work, IJ, and others like you.  CJ    

Did a couple of Amazon goons show up on your doorstep, I.J.?



I think the folks at Amazon are telepathic. LOL!

This would explain why they do more business than everyone else.

Aw, jeez!  Thanks all.  I'm not at all sure how this came about.  Someone is watching me via Google, I think.  Crimespace utterances get picked up by Google.  I was warned off by my agent. No doubt they have my best interests at heart.

But I love this site also.  And thanks much, CJ.  I have a theory that no amount of internet activity will matter to people unless you actually engage with them.  I also come here because there are a lot of people who are interested in the business and in the craft.  I like the chats.


And the fact is that I have always defended Amazon against attacks by its critics here.

I just want everyone to call them as they see them.  When people, such as yourself, who work in the industry are forthright about their experiences, it makes the chats about publishing more informative and helpful.  You got to love the internet.


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