Re: any interest in a blog about serial killers, stalkers and domestic homicides?

Hi folks,

I've put up a "test version" of my Dark Deeds blog. In August I plan to start doing a weekly synopsis of an actual case file. Do you think there's an interest in that sort of thing out in the blogosphere? I don't plan to cover the "usual suspects" like John Wayne Gacy or BTK or Son of Sam, etc, just some that I've stumbled upon while researching my novels, one of which involves a serial killer, the other a stalker. 


I'm open to suggestions, comments, etc. And also to linking to other blogs about crime. Here's the link:  Dark Deeds







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I'm interested; remembering to read it and finding the time to read another blog could be a problem. Just drop me a link at and I'll try to keep up. Thanks.

Thanks Cherley ... I'll let you know when I'm up and running in August. Any thoughts on the "look and feel" of the site? All comments and critiques welcome.

Did you see the posting that's up now? The content speaks for itself ... Any comments on the presentation? Was it too long?


Thanks, Susan

It was very interesting and I liked the follow through. You left a had out, somewhere in there, but other than that it was written very well. Thanks
Thanks for your input, Cherley, it's a work in progress. :)
Yes, Susan, there is interest.  I've kept track of sites as I've done serial killer research, too.  The FBI has one, even!  I'll check out your blog and get back with you.  Great post.
Thanks Mary. I'll look forward to your reaction to the blog. I'm trying to do not so well known cases, and not just serial killers. I'm aware of the FBI website, also, John Douglas has a website ... I've linked mine to his. Note that I also provide links to websites that aid victims or survivors of these crimes.

Susan, I enjoyed the blog and noted your links.  And . . . for sure . . . the links to websites that aid victims.  I'll push some links your way. 

Thanks Mary, I'd appreciate the links ... and yes, links for crime victims ... or their survivors are important. good luck w/your writing and sales!


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