What mystery magazines do you subscribe to and recommend? I confess I don't buy any of them regularly. I occasionally buy a copy at Barnes & Noble, get old copies from friends, and pick up freebies at conferences, but until now, I haven't been motivated enough to subscribe to any.

In particular, I'm wondering which if any magazines you find valuable - or preferably indispensible - to your career, and which might be open to articles from new writers. Thanks.

Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso

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I subscribe to Crimespree, partly because I enjoy it, and partly because they reviewed my first novel and printed a short article from me in the same issue. Loyalty's very important to me. I figure I benefited from the review, so the least I can do is support the magazine by subscribing.
AHMM. Because they published my first story and have never turned down any subsequent ones.
I like Crimespree a lot and of course I enjoy the occasional AHMM or EQMM. For online magazines, I like Shred of Evidence.
I subscribe to Mystery Scene, for reading reviews and interviews with authors and learning about the mystery business.
I subscribe to Mystery News, which is about to close, sadly, and to Mystery Readers Journal.
Thanks to all of you for your suggestions - lots of possibilities. I'll probably try Crimespree and Mystery Scene, both of which I've enjoyed in the past. Beth, I recall reading an article by you about networking, probably in the latter.

Ingrid, congrats for having so many stories published in Alfred Hitchcock - I'm impressed!

Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso
Did I say how many? :) They've been generous to me. I don't really write stories very much. Rarely more than one per year.
That's still impressive! I've never submitted to them. In fact, I've only written a couple of short stories, neither of which I've tried to publish. One is a vampire story I wrote several years ago - maybe I'll post it on my blog and see if I get any bites! (Sorry about that)
Chuckle. Short stories were my way to an agent and publisher, so maybe you should.


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