This has nothing to do with crime fiction unless habitual lying is applicable. I missed the Slate contest, so here's my entry. Anyone game for this? We could have our own contest.

"And when I saw that Caribou I knew that I was right about Alaska and that if I was right about Alaska I was right about the United States and even New York. I pray for homosexuals and communists. I know what people want, people in the little towns where chopping a chicken's head off and watching it run around is all you need to do on Friday Night."

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I think her backers don't want to dig too deeply into issues. They just want someone to blame and something to focus their fears on.
That's about right. Republicans in general think they can say absolutely anything and be believed.
And they are not wrong.
I think politics are not encouraged on Crimespace, but I have to say, Palin aside, you people dismiss too easily the views of millions of people.
The conversation certainly steered away from Palin's (or her ghostwriter's?) writing style.
I was hoping that people would do their own imitations.


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