I thought it was a first-rate adaptation. Has anyone else seen it?

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I would have to agree with Jon. I disliked the book, I did enjoy the movie, but was disappointed by the end.
Even though I had read the book, the film was done so well that I thought it was going to end differently.

Didn't like the book, so didn't see the movie.
After watching the movie - which I thought was okay, the last two lines making it a real kicker for me - I was thinking I should have read the book first. But by the responses here, I'm guessing I actually didn't miss much.
Same here. The movie was okay and too long. It was also overly hyped.
Fabulous flick. First rate. Agreed.
I have not read the book. As regards the film I did not rate this very highly.

The ending was a deus ex machina which, while not entirely surprising, didn't deflect from a largely excellent film. I was reminded somewhat of Jacob's Ladder, which was an interesting horror film whose events were all leading to the same inevitable point, though I felt overall Shutter Island was better.


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