So, I got invited to do the "continuous conversation" at Bouchercon--

Saturday from 10:00 to 10:45. Any of my crimespace buddies taking part in this shindig? Anyone ever been to one? I'm not at all sure what to expect. Will it matter if I'm a tad hung-over?

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And playing with little girls.
Moving table to table sounds like speed-dating to me. Don't accept any room keys, young man.
Sound advice, indeed, Karyn.
I'll be there, Jon. I was at another Bouchercon a few years ago and I don't recall a stunt like this one. I tell you what. I'll get in one of those groups and then when you come in, I'll casually ask, "Is there any value in a 5-star review on Amazon?"
Sounds great, Mike--see you there!
I'm attending the Bouchercon conference in Indianapolis next weekend, too, but like you, it will be my first time. I'd love to find out who else from Crimespace is coming, too.

I'll be on the "Killer Hobbies" panel 9:00 - 9:55 am on Thursday and will be teaching a class on making killer mystery baskets in the Craft Room on Saturday 10:30 - 11:30 am (so I'll unfortunately miss most of your continuous conversation gig). If anyone else is interested in my class, you have to sign up for this class ahead of time at the Bouchercon website ( It's free.

Crimespacers, please come up and introduce yourself to me if you're going to be there! And if you haven't heard about the conference and would like to attend, it's not to late to register.
Killer mystery baskets? If you show people how to make them, aren't you spoiling the mystery?
Cute, Jon! ;-) Actually, the THEME of the gift baskets is "mystery" so the contents will be things like skulls, spyglasses, etc. The craft room committee told me they went crazy ordering fun things from Oriental Trading based on my recommendations, so the baskets should be fun to make!
Sounds great, Beth... will there be cocktails? If so, maybe I'll join you.
What's with you and the cocktails, Jon? ;-)
10:30 am Saturday morning, when my craft session is scheduled, is more coffee hour in my mind than cocktail hour. Anyway, if anyone wants to come, you have to sign up ahead of time at the Bouchercon website, even though the session is free, because it's attendee limited. There are lots of yummy goodies for your take-away basket, so you won't leave hungry!
Sounds like I'm doing the wrong panel... cocktails aside.


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