For the writers, what are you currently working on?  And how's it going?

I'm waiting for edits back on my latest Grace deHaviland novel and half way through writing my second Nick Lafferty thriller.

And for the readers here--what are you reading?

I'm in the middle of Allison Brennan's CUTTING EDGE. Its good.

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I thought for sure you'd need multiple agents. Absolutely. :)

I actually had about 3.  Mind you, they were all in the same office:  one for US rights, one for Foreign ights, and one for subsidiary.  All busy beavers.

As I haven't published yet I'll call myself a would-be writer.

I'm working on the first draft of a crime novel in the noir tradition that starts in Istanbul, Turkey and continues in Australia in the 1970s. The main protagonists are a couple of misfits - a beautiful call-girl and an enforcer of an Mafia-type organization with some political interests and ambitions. After paying a hefty price for leaving their employers they move to Australia with the first planeload of official immigrants. The promised new life blooms as they expected at first, although the woman is more comfortable with the new land and the suburban comforts than the man, who secretly misses the old country and the action. Seven years into the new life their past begins to catch up with them.

Working title is "Those Who Enter", alluding to the Latin saying, that is referred to as the Volinti principle in European law: "Those who enter the arena of their own will must not complain of their injuries."

Reading, well I'm well qualified for this one:

Just finished Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn and really enjoyed it. Also finished Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice, which was equally enjoyable. I'm continuing to re-read Simenon to get a reminder of creating atmosphere with minimum amount of words - Tropic Moon and The Sailors' Rendezvous were the latest.

Sounds interesting H. Ruhi,

Keep at it and congrats on the decision and effort to write.

Just Ruhi. H. is for Habil, I use my middle name.

Many thanks for the kind comment and encouragement.

Welcome, Ruhi. You are doing everything right: reading in the genre and writing.  Much good luck!

Thank you Ingrid. I've always read extensively, crime being the favourite genre. I started writing  because I needed an activity to direct my passion after retirement.

Good for you!  Happy retirement!

Good luck with the retirement and your writing, Ruhi.

My current project is Journey into Blackmail, a collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories. That will be followed with my third Ace Herron mystery, and after that a time travel fantasy set around the Lincoln assassination, for which I have already written the ending. I have a busy year ahead.

Does sound like a full year, Stephen. Good luck with it all.

Just tonight found The Glass Pieces (the sequel to The Finger's Twist) is available as an ebook on Kobo -- other sites should follow next week. A bit of a grind for an old guy who still uses a pencil, but I can't imagine going back to traditional publishing for fiction. Anyway, Glass is $2.99. There'll be no free giveaways, no two-for-one, no contests. $2.99. That's it. Clearly I'm not a merchant -- but I'm no auctioneer, either. If this is in the wrong place ... sorry. Best, Lee


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