to get my books in the Crimespace bookstore?  Would that be you, Daniel?

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Do tell. Is this new? I see what looks like a starter crime bookstore.
All right! This is great.
Since it's powered by Amazon, I take it if your book is listed there it has the ability to be in the CrimeSpace store.
Daniel said he was working to get the kinks out of the system. Eventually our books will show up in there.
I'd take it personally.
I'm mostly just pulling Daniel's leg. But at the same time, we want our books to be included, right?

There's very little about this business I take personally. Poetry-biz, yes, every little slight's a dagger in my heart for some reason. That's part of the reason I started writing other stuff--it was kind of a mental health decision.
Hmm, I thought I put yours in. I just put the store up and thought I'd iron out the kinks before I formally hassled you all. Soon, I will do this soon...
Thanks, Daniel. Nice feature, btw--and much appreciation to you for creating and maintaining this community, as always.
Oh, very neat. Thank you, Daniel. (And at some point, I really need to know why I can't post covers on Blog. A wait time of over 30 minutes --I cancel after that -- doesn't seem right.)
Wow - very nice. You put a lot of work into that!
Nice feature, Daniel! I can't wait to see my own books there, but I can certainly understand the need to work out the kinks first.
This is a nice feature. Can't wait to see my covers there, too. Thanks, Daniel.


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