Where do you learn about new mystery books published? I subscribed to "Mystery News," but now they are retiring from their newspaper. I used to subscribe to a publication by two guys from Chicago, but all of their reviews were positive and, therefore, weren't very useful in highlighting the best.

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PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, but the subscription is pricey.
Not sure if this Mystery News is the same people, but they just published a list of everything for September online. I signed up for the daily news feature.

Great website, Jack!

The International Thriller Writers publishes an online newsletter, The Big Thrill, on their website, which features members' new releases each month. You can also sign up to have the newsletter emailed to you, and when you do, you're automatically entered in a drawing to win free books.

There are some good mysteries mixed in with the thrillers, so don't let the website's name deter you.
Crime Space, baby!

Outside of that, I find agent blogs to be great resources. It's just a matter of figuring out who is representing the authors you enjoy. Their sites are like aggregators.
I use PW, DotL and Mystery news. I didn't know about the MN publishers retiring. Is the publication folding?


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