Watched tonight's episode 3 of second season. They changed the guy who played Lydia's partner! I liked the other guy! Clifton Gonzales is okay but, man this was a shock. That other guy was one of the things I liked about this new season! He and Regina King had great chemistry! Wonder what happened. Anyway, if they made changes this quick, I wonder what's next!


Best Wishes!

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The other guy got shot last season. He's in the hospital. Regina visits .... and wishes.
Jack you're talking about Russell right? I know Russell is shot but they gave Lydia a new character who is a Hispanic guy but the man who played the part has been changed to another Hispanic actor, LOL! I looked it up and what happened is that Southland's season two is actually a year old! They either shot the entire second season last year or the beginning of it.

They replaced the Lydia's new character with actor Clifton Gonzalas. They said the other guy left after only three episodes. As for Russell, I don't even know if he'll stay on the show because he left the force I think. They didn't even show Russell in the hospital this week.

I'm kind of disappointed to see that this "new" season is about a year old! That's what I found out when I read about Southland. I guess this is what they filmed when they were with NBC. I thought these were brand new episodes they just taped.

Best Wishes!
Oh Stacy, looks like I'm confused. And mad that I missed Justified!
LOL! Jack, everything about this show seems confusing! Thanks for trying to help though!

Best Wishes!


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