Most people here, I assume, have heard of Ian Rankin of Rebus fame, but have any of you read any other Scottish crime writers?

Tartan Noir is a form of crime fiction particular to Scotland and Scottish writers. It has its roots in Scottish literature but borrows elements from elsewhere, including from the work of James Ellroy and the hardboiled genre.

The name itself was coined by Ellroy, who called Ian Rankin "the king of tartan noir".

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I second the Guthrie nomination. Ray Banks is also very, very good.

I'm currently reading The Blackhouse by Peter May which is part of a trilogy that takes place on the Ilse of Lewis. Beautifully written and can recommend.

Malcolm Mackay's Glasgow Trilogy is a must read.

not much to add.  denise mina, alan guthrie and ian rankin.  i'm about halfway through the rebus book series and absolutely love them.  philip kerr is scottish but he writes historical fiction about WWII.  

also, let's not forget that arthur conan doyle was scottish.  not sure if sherlock counts as noir though. 


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