OK guys, I'm wide open here - my reading pile is low, and I need new stuff. I'm sort of partial to noir/hard-boiled stories, but I'll read anything that's well-crafted. If you're published and your book is likely to be in my public library (Austin, Texas - a pretty good-sized and fairly literary city), please recommend yourself!

Thanks -- MK

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My review is one of the twenty and I thought it was a great book.
Okay, you got me. Pat, Connie, Theresa? I can't figure the HappyRuby connection.

It's kinda fun trying to guess, though.
It is Pat - HappyRuby was my two cavaliers Happy Talk and Crimson Ruby - that's how I came up with HappyRuby!
Hi Pat! Cavaliers? Gee, I have to go look them up.

A kind of spaniel? Pretty.
Ruby was a red like an Irish Setter and Happy Talk was a Tri-Color -black white and tan. The problem with Cavaliers in the US is heart problems. Both are deceased and now I have a mixed breed Lhaso Apso/Yorkie but lots less vet bills.

You've only mentioned one of your books.
I try to avoid the BSP except on my homepage here. I am getting spammed, Facebooked, and Crimespaced to death with authors showing me their books.
Well, the two I've read were very good.
Thanks, Pat. Hope I have another Austin Carr for you very soon.
The first Silver Sisters Mystery, A CORPSE IN THE SOUP, probably isn't in your library in print edition, although you could ask for it by ISBN #978-1-60318-4...it's published by L&L Dreamspell, a small press located in Spring, Texas. However, if you listen to audio books, many libraries across the country have it available in MP3 (via Overdrive) or CD. You can listen to an audio clip on barnesandnoble.com

Not noir or hardboiled, but a fast moving comical crime caper whodunit filled with schemes that backfire and lots of laughs and twists. The protagonists are twin amateur sleuths Goldie Silver, an over-the-hill flower child who owns an antique store in Juneau, Alaska, and Godiva Olivia DuBois, a manipulative, wealthy Beverly Hills widow who writes a syndicated advice column. Add their eighty-year-old mother and uncle, former vaudeville magicians who love to dress in disguise and go "undercover" and you have the recipe for a madcap romp through the world of TV chefs in search of a killer.

The second book, SEVEN DEADLY SAMOVARS, is currently available in audio (clip also on barnesandnoble.com) and will be released in paperback, Kindle and e-book in September. Goldie receives the wrong shipment of the fancy antique Russian tea dispensers at her antique shop, and as they sell, people start to die. What makes them worth killing for?

Currently about halfway through the first draft of number three: VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS.

Astrology. Meth manufacturers. Sex clubs.

Do I have your attention yet?

Sunny Frazier here, I write the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries, specifically FOOLS RUSH IN and WHERE ANGELS FEAR.

Both books are based on real cases I worked while with the Fresno Sheriff's Dept. narcotics team (I was their info specialist, secretary, search warrant writer and babysitter to 10 alpha males). I couldn't publish until I took early retirement and out of reach from the Sheriff's reach. The new sheriff, a female, loves my books and everyone likes to guess who I'm basing characters on.

The astrology? Doesn't get in the way of a good mystery, like where did the drug dealers hide Johnny Blue's body and who is killing members of a prominent sex club? There is no profanity, no sex, and lots of laughs between the serious plot lines. My gal pals, Christy Bristol and Lennie Watkins, are out of their league but still willing to put their jobs with the Sheriff's Dept. on the line with their sleuthing.

Come on, you KNOW you want to try these books out! Go to my site and read a blip: http://www.sunnyfrazier.com

P.S. Buy the book through me and I'll do your horoscope for free. 6 months if you buy one book, a year if you order both.
Sunny's latest book is really great! I just reviewed it: http://thebookgrrl.blogspot.com/2009/09/where-angels-fear-takes-you...
This isn't my book, but it's a short story called "The Right to Remain Silent." It's in the latest issue of The Back Alley at http://backalleywebzine.com/.

Rick Helms, the editor, said it reminded him of LA REQUIEM if it took place in a law office. Not a shabby comparison--I think I'll take it. :)

I've never read that book, but now I simply must.


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