J.K. Rowling's new book is now available for preorder.

Any thoughts on an ebook priced at $19.99?

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Here's the link to the Kindle version: http://tiny.cc/ffvncw

I would really, really have to want a book to pay that much for it, paper or ebook.  Can't say I want this one that badly.

Well, whatever the traffic will bear.  It will sell.  And the critics are waiting.  I like Harry Potter, but I have no great hopes for her as a mystery author.  What gets me is that all these mega sellers in other genres want to try mysteries?  Why?  Why not stay with what you're good at?

Hear hear!

I disliked her writing style in the Potter books so couldn't get into them. I felt she was always faintly patronising towards her audience and her characters. Lord knows what she'll get up to in a mystery novel. Is it for kids, does anyone know? Like an Enid Blyton Famous Five?

No, it's for adults.


A curiosity rather than a must read, I think.



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