Convinced my little tale of murder would grab an oscar for best film, I'm wondering if anyone else has ever been on the hunt of those elusive creatures, "movie producers". If so, any suggestions where to look for listings (ie watering holes where they gather to feed) to send queries, etc...

Any input or ammunition greatly appreciated.


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The reason there's so much money in the movies is because they suck your soul dry. Be prepared to be asked to do a huge amount of work for no money up front and expect things to take years and years.

I wasted at least a decade of my life in the movies, made a little money, had a couple of scripts produced and lost my soul. I feel like a recovering alcoholic.

If someone comes to you and offers money, take it. But remember, the movies really are about directors - after working on set on a bunch of movies I understand why. The movies aren't really about the writing, (this is obvious, I suppose, but we still complain about it) they're about the look - what the director brings. My first novel (co-wrtten) is called Below the Line and it's about the grunts working movie crews. A movie budget is divided into Above the Line - producer, director, top stars and Below the Line - equipment rentals, location rentals and rest of the cast and crew. The writer is usually below the line.

Actually, the title of your thread is fitting (maybe it's what you meant). Elmore Leonard wrote a novel called The Hunted while he spent a year being jerked around by a movie producer. So, I guess it wasn't entirely a waste, The Hunted is a pretty good novel.

Anyway, good luck.
Thanks for the input John.

I didn't intend the title significance, but apparently somewhere inside my little noggin, something was connecting...

Will venture forth with caution and see what folly I can fall into...

Thanks again,



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