Apple says it sold 300,000 IPads and downloaded 250,000 ebooks in its first day of business.  Sounds impressive.  Does this mean the end of the Kindle?  Did 250,000 people buy an ebook today?


Read this little article and tell me what you think.

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Yes, that's it exactly. It's hard for us to beleve sometimes, but not everyone who reads a novel wants to write one ;)

The iPad is a consumer device, the laptop is a tool, they have different purposes.
No USB port. No multitasking. No Flash capability. Clumsy keyboard interface. The battery cannot be replaced. Files cannot be saved in a file system, only viewed and stored within an app (try downloading an e-mailed PDF and see if you can find it in a week). Many buttons on the Web don't display unless you hover over where they should appear.

Why oh WHY would you spend $500 on this under performing piece of hyped hardware? It's a consumer product, yes, but it fails to fill a real need in the marketplace. This would've been fine had Apple stopped at just providing an e-reader. But it went beyond that and added all this other half-arsed functionality.

The iPad will be the New Coke of Mac products.

Disclaimer: I'm not a Mac hater. I'm typing on one now.
Apple, like any good marketer, is in the business of convincing consumers that they absolutely NEED an iPad. Thus, you get the long lines and people driving for hundreds of miles and camping out overnight so they can have the FIRST ones. But those first purchasers are going to be very disappointed when the next version comes out and it's cheaper and better. Just like all those angry consumers who rushed out and bought the first version of the iPhone. I agree with Jon L. If you absolutely must have one, wait.
This is really only the beginning:

Alice for the iPad.
But would you sit down and read that for hours? Or would you say, "Oh, that's neat" and move on to the next thing in five minutes? How does a bunch of crazy stuff falling from the ceiling benefit the author? This is the equivalent of a googly-eyed walnut.
Well, that video is particlularly poorly made. Myself, I wouldn't sit down and read Alice in Wonderland, but that's just my taste. I would also never read Harry Potter.

here's another example of an iPad book that might show more potential, there's a video on the page:
Much better example. But this kind of software has been on traditional computers for years. The only difference is portability. If that's what floats your boat, cool, but I don't take the train to work. I've got computers at home and at work. And I wouldn't use a tablet in the car.

Maybe this is a demographic thing.


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