Anyone following The Killing on AMC?


I have seen three episodes, and I think it's a knockout. The first hour was relentless as it built up to the discovery of the murdered girl, and the second turns it up a notch. The camera doesn't shy away from things that even the darkest stories usually skip, such as the girl's parents telling their two younger sons that their sister is dead.
The actors all have resumes, but they're all new to me, which means there are no distracting echoes of other stories. I'm hooked.

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The Beloved Spouse and i loved the first two episodes, but it's weakening with us as we start to recognize some of the same old things that prevent us watching TV in the first place. We're giving it another week or two to get back to where it was the first week, or it's done.

Same thing happened with Detroit 182. We're harsh that way.

You've probably gone into this, Dana, but I missed it. What's turning you off?

Thye're starting to feel the need to explain everything, when much was left to the viewer to figure out in the two-hour pilot. The business of the lead detective moving to California, which had looked like it would force some urgency on the investigation, now appears to be a way to impose the same old "spouse who doesn't understand this is a calling not a job" subplot.


We're also wondering why a city the size of Seattle only has two homicide investigators.

I will be disappointed if there's no payoff from her personal problems. The other issue honestly didn't occur to me, although it's true that in reality there would be a team on a case like this.

So far I'm not bothered enough to quit, but I hope it doesn't go on as long as Lost, or even Twin Peaks.


I am really enjoying it (so far). It's moody and for the most part, refreshingly un-Hollywood.
I agree with Tanis, I'm enjoying it. It certainly is gritty than most of what's out there. IMO.
This show has more red herrings than a communist fishery!
I'm recording it.  Watched a couple of episodes. It's generally confusing and hence boring. The show keeps going off on tangents.


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