If you're a suspense junkie like me, and you enjoy an imaginative pulse-pounding tale told expertly with 21st century macabre flair, then you can't go wrong with Jack Kilborn's Afraid.

Set in the small fictional Wisconsin community of Safe Haven, the novel opens with one of the most intense murder scenes I've ever read. Things grow progressively worse as we learn five ferocious technologically-enhanced supersoldiers have been unleashed to achieve an objective set forth by the mad scientist who "created" them.

Safe Haven's aging sheriff, along with a handful of ordinary townspeople, are left to fend off these murderous fiends.

But can any of them survive such an onslaught?

Make no mistake, this is a horror novel. Read it alone at night, or with a plate of lasagna in front of you, at your own risk.

Is it the scariest book ever?

You be the judge.


Coming March 31 to a bookstore near you.

So what's the scariest book you've ever read?

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The Killing Hour - by NZ author Paul Cleave. His second book - the first - The Cleaner - was a ripper as well but I wasn't expecting where he went with the 2nd (unconnected) offering. Frightened me witless (short trip I know) but I ended up with the lights on for days.

Fabulous book incidentally, but I doubt he'll be winning any awards from the Christchurch Tourist Authority anytime soon.
You know it's a good horror story when you have to leave the lights on, Karen.


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