This is why Canadian crime writers need lots of weapons research...

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Funny.  But it looks like he's wearing a gun.  We need more pictures of police like this.
I laughed myself off my chair with this!  Wonderful.  It's over 100 degrees F here in suburban Toronto, with a humidex of 150.

I hope that was a finger stutter and that you really meant 105.


Looking at a high of 100 here today.  Considering Fort Smith has already had 20 consecutive days of 100 or higher temps this month, I don't guess I can complain about the temperatures where I am, especially since we're not on the river and they are.  Humidity levels must be horrible for them.

We get humidity up the ying yang, being on Lake Ontario.  But I exaggerate.  It was a mere 110 humidex here. But it's fun complaining about heat.  We're wimps in Toronto.  Once, we got a snowfall of 2 feet, and they brought in the army.  Not kidding.
It's a cute picture. But it doesn't really make up for the G20.
Yes, what with the Vancouver riots over - wait for it - hockey, Canada is really flying in the face of its historic motto:  Peace, Order and Good Government.  Particularly the latter, some would say.
Yeah but it was hockey!

This is as violent as it gets. That's his personal bottle of water filled with millions of microbes looking for a new home. Our neighbor to the north takes biological warfare out of the lab and on to the gritty urban streets.

LOL - well at least you know it's NOT the Mounties, If anyone aims anything at them, out come the zappers - -
Now really, Charlie!  Everybody knows in winter we use snow ball fights up here.
I AM 'up here' Melodie,  -and I will never forget the local news reviews of October 2007 when four of our RCMP officers repeatedly tasered and killed a confused and frightened man who was 'armed' with a stapler. - This is NOT an isolated incident, many people 'up here' are extremely wary after their first experience with RCMP.

Yes, that was a tragic and horrific incident in our history, and I would not mean to make light of it, or any other like it.



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