Throwing Meat to The Sharks (Article to Check Out)

Hi All,


Just wanted to share. I know folks will have plenty of opinions. They were tearing it up on another forum. LOL!


Check out the author if you care to:


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I especially liked SeanLondon’s “tearing out the bowls by wild dogs” comment.  I don’t know if I would go that far.  I found it interesting the writer said, “This is why genre writers cannot claim to have everything. They can take the money and the sales and all that goes with that. And we can sincerely admire them for doing so. But they should not be allowed to get away with suggesting that these things tell us anything about the intrinsic value or scope of their work.”  My question is that do the so called “literary types” tell us anything more about the intrinsic value or scope of their work more than the genre types?  I don’t think so. 

I was clawing my way toward the buffet car when I noticed with a shock that more or less the entire train carriage was reading… novels.

Above is a quote from the article. He was CLAWING his way to the buffet to stuff his face, yet he was SHOCKED TO SEE PEOPLE READING NOVELS--no doubt sitting quietly without disturbing their fellow travellers? The man is by his own admission both a boor AND a snob! Oh, and not to mention a Drama Queen. Is that overblown writing style or what? :D

He is a reviewer, isn't he?  :)

He most certainly is!

Yes, you have to claw your way forward in a moving train.

Ah, you are very sympathetic. Sounds as though you've been there.

Of course on a long distance train, as in Italy, you can purchase first-class compartments and then go station yourself in the dining car.






Alan, there's something I should clarify here.  I wasn't sure what you meant by "don't quote me back to me."  When I comment or reply to any post, I usually include a  "quote" from that post so that whoever reads it will know which part  of the original post I'm responding to.  It's a habit I picked up from email protocol.  If you read any of my replies in other threads, you'll see that I do it regularly, and no one seems to mind.  And, we're all on a first name basis here, so please--- I really prefer Caroline to Ms. Trippe, even though I am over 60, and even if you have a bone to pick. :)

So you're not the person who left in the first place.


I thought it was the travellers who stayed the same while everyone else got old?

It would be nice to get younger, though. But not TOO young to lose all your common sense! :P


My sincere apologies, Alan. I didn't mean to "pick" at your comments.  I'm  really sorry if I offended; I certainly did not mean to.  You seemed to be joking, so, in the spirit of things,  I was just responding to what seemed like good-natured banter.  All in fun, you know? Sorry for the misunderstanding.

As for criticizing critics---well, I thought that was sort of legal on forums like this one, especially if they are being snide. If writers are fair game, why not critics, too? 

LOL.  We criticize everybody equally.  In the spirit of fairness and democracy.  Actually, I wasn't quite sure what Alan meant myself.


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