Our story takes place just after Christmas. Amateur sleuth Susan Henshaw is engaged in a round of post-Christmas activities having hired the famed catering firm of The Holly and Ms. Ivy to cater her annual New Year's Eve party. But to Susan's shock, a few days before the party the body of "Z", one of the two partners in the catering firm, is discovered packed in among balloons in the company van. Prime suspect is Gwen Ivy, Z's partner, although she doesn't seem to have a strong motive and Susan believes she is innocent.  Susan is warned off the investigation by the local homicide detective due to her "emotional involvement" with Z (this is something I have apparently missed) yet her best friend , a former police officer is working on the case with the detective and Susan is not to be stopped.

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Just starting, setting up the players, backdrop.  So far it's good!  Thanks for hosting. ;-)

Snoops, you there? 

Yes, I also missed the business about Susan having history with Zak. I wonder if detective is just guessing, given how many other people Zak seems to have been involved with? I've been sick most of last week and feel better now and will start on chapter 8

Heard you were down with a cold, Pghfan.  Glad you're feeling better.  I see the post-Christmas mystery read and discuss is under way.  Like in the book, the characters' decorations are being boxed and stored, I still have a few to pack away.  Will read a bit more in order to have something to offer.  Will post soon.

I. P., Jan. to Feb. pick is 'Tis the Season To Be Murdered.  I believe we're covering the first seven chapters this week.  Hope that helps.

Welcome back pgh - glad you're feeling better.

Will post next set of chapters for discussion shortly - want to give you and Tina time to catch up.

What chapters?  What is this?

We, who came over from the defunct A&E site are continuing our book discussions here.  It looks like just three of us at this point as a number of people did not come here from A&E.

Thanks.  This must be the book you were discussing elsewhere. If you take this up chapter by chapter, you're doing an incredibly thorough job of it.

In earlier stages of the book (just finished thick Coco Chanel bio) and noticed 'Tis the Season... has a bit of a Lucy Stone feel about it.  Anyone else feel that way or is it just moi?

I can see this.  Also a bit of the Diva series, though not quite as funny.


Let me know when you are both ready to move on.


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