This is so strange. He doesn't seem right at all to me. What do you think of Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher? I can't seem him playing a "tough" character.

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Sorry, if it's got Tom Cruise in it, I'm not going to see it.
You may be right, buy I don't think Cruise suits the material.  The nature of the action, the character's behavior, does not suit Cruise's persona or acting style.  Him being in the movie essentially means Reacher will be the same character Cruise played in the Mission Impossible series. 
Hey, I know who could play Reacher!  Adam Baldwin.  He played (reasonably) similar types in Firefly and Chuck.
Why not Lee Child? Cruise? Not even close. Tiny Tim, were he alive would be a better fit.
Yes, Lee Child sort of fits my image of Reacher. But the guy may not be able to act. Besides, he's British, and Reacher is American.

This reminds me of a keynote address that Steve Hamilton gave at a conference a few years ago. Some studio was looking at adapting his Alex Knight books, and the location scout lost interest the moment he got off the plane and saw that he had no cell phone reception in the Upper Peninsula at that time.

"So," said Hamilton, "I expect them to move the location to Miami and cast Jennifer Lopez in the lead."

In other words, Hollywood will do what Hollywood will do.


Yes.  Cruise is probably under contract to them and they need to use him somewhere.  Pity!

Well that's one reason why I won't be interested. I can't stand Tom Cruise. And I'll add this, he wasn't right in many of the roles he's played. Just a pretty boy that got somewhere because some chicks in the 80's thought he was cute.



Jack Reacher is about six-five and over two hundred pounds. Little Tommy ain't gonna work.

Concerning the height issue--If they cast the rest of the film with actors shorter than Tom...and keep the camera at lower angles than usual........maybe.

And Dan is also correct- most of the folks who'd go see this film would be interested because it IS Tom- or the trailer looked cool- or if their friends wanted to see it- but it wouldn't be because "everyone" reads the books.

Only Harry Potter can claim that half of his audience has read the books AND seen the films

I bet it only goes 2 films tops anyways.

Only the Bond films have seen (most of) its actors commit to more than 3 or 4 films before moving on (Even the Bourne films lost Matt Damon-- and THAT'S a hot series!)

But I wish the franchise well though. Maybe Cruise can pull it off. If he'd just learn to stop jumping on couches he'd be okay!

Mickey Rourke or nothing, in my humble opinion.


But I'm a big enough fan of the series to probably end up dragging myself to the multiplex even if it does only manage to get off the ground with Cruise as the lead. (They've been trying to get this made for some time, if memory serves.)

Hugh Jackman could do it.  He's played the loner/wanderer/tough guy (Wolverine).


Josh Brolin's played the tough guy as well.


I could go on and on with actors who are better suited for the role than Cruise.


Stuart Matthew Davis



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