This is so strange. He doesn't seem right at all to me. What do you think of Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher? I can't seem him playing a "tough" character.

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Well...why the hell not just cast Jim Carrey.


...though, now that I think on it, he might be able to pull off Joe Pike.  

I think Jim Caviezel would be much better if he can take a hiatus  from Person of Interest.

Do you mean as Joe Pike? Because I can see him doing that well indeed. Reacher I can't quite see him as.

One: I was being facetious.

Two: I was talking about Jin Carrey playing Joe Pike. 

I got you on both counts. I was commenting upon Brian's post about Jim Caviezel.

Actually Jim Caviezel pulls off the big guy look in Person of Interest at times. A few protein shakes and some barbell time and he could be very imposing.

Frankly, I always picture the author as Reacher.

Except a much more buff version.

The Tom Cruise casting is strange. At five feet seven it's hard to imagine him being the six feet high Reacher! Check out my blog on the subject at:

Were you in the conversation with Matt and Stephen the other day on Facebook? Just interested that my pick of Gerard Butler got a mention. I had him as Joe Hunter, but he could do Spider Shepard as well.

I also blogged about Cruise as Reacher and some of my choices.

Hi Tim - yeah that was me and I agreed with your pick of Gerard Butler. Must read your blog now!

Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to drag myself to see this parody ! !  -I've been an avid follower of Reacher since the first book and like them all. - Reacher is SO well described that Tom just won't be able to play Reacher as Reacher -and it's not all about size  ( I loved Frank's comment about casting the film with actors shorter than Tom -ROFL -a gang of actor midgets ? ) -No, it's about Reacher's hard nosed attitude, his simplicity and yet complexity - Tom is just NOT that good of an actor.

A few years ago I would have unhesitatingly said Terence Knox, Viggo Mortensen, or James Coburn  but now all are too old. (sorry guys)

-My favorites for Reacher of current actors are - Vinnie Jones, Gerard Butler, Richard Burgi, Matthew Fox.

Charlie - I agree with your pick of Viggo Mortensen, but perhaps the moody, enigmatic Reacher deserved a new kid on the block?


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