One of the articles in my recently published true crime ebook inspired my first novel. So kick back, have a pina colada (as it says in the Main Bar description) and check out the others.

DARK DEEDS: Serial killers, stalkers and domestic homicides (free Kindle version May 13 through May 17, 2013)

12 case studies: Meet the victims, their killers and the bloody consequences of their deeds.

Serial killers: A pretty farm girl feeds her victims to the hogs.

Stalkers: You're the one that I want ... to kill.

Domestic homicides: A cross-dressing doctor murders his wife to keep his millions. 

"In Dark Deeds, Susan Fleet immerses us in the world of serial killers, stalkers, and domestic homicides ... haunting and educational." -- Arthur Smukler, MD, psychiatrist

See more on my blogsite: DARK DEEDS the book

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Oops, HUGE apology, Dark Deeds is NOT free May 13-17, another of my books is. Just chalk me up as dazed and confused. Hey, it was Mother's Day ... However, I'd love to hear some comments on any crime fiction that was inspired by actual crimes.


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