I'm currently enjoying both Longmire based on the Craig Johnson series and the new King & Maxwell based on David Baldacci's series of books.

I've not read either series. Can anyone tell me if they have, are they similar to the TV series and if not better or worse and why?


David DeLee

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It's usually like that. However, I love "Midsomer Murders" even though I have yet to read any of Caroline Graham's novels. 

Never heard of this Stephen. When/where does the show air?

You can find it on Netflix and some PBS stations. I also commend the Canadian series "Murdoch Mysteries," which is on Amazon Prime.

Thanks Stephen, I'll have to check them out.

I suspected as much. From the cover blubs I read on Baldacci's King & Maxwell books it sounds like they did the same thing there, too.

They also did it in the first season of Rizzoli & Isles, but that show has gone so far away from the source material as to be unrecognizable except for the names of the characters.

My wife and i are TV Longmire fans, and what Kevin says here explains a lot of what we've suspected. Subordinate plot lines and character relationships are often the best part of he show, but they seems haphazardly developed at times. Presented, then not followed up on fr weeks. I have the impression in the books things like this come up, and are dealt with in the same book, or maybe run as an undercurrent through a couple of books before wrapping up.

The Longmire books are definitely on my TBR list, though. There's a lot to like there.

Dana, I had the same

I started reading Craig Johnson's Longmire based series when the first book "The Cold Dish" was released. Had the honor of meeting him in Houston at Murder by the Book for the release of "As the Crow Flies."

Craig is a down to earth public speaker and writer. The books are fun. With that being said the show does take liberties. Many, many liberties. But it is A&E. I still watch, however it is also becoming unlike the content of the books and the main character, Walt Longmire, lacks the charm and smart-mouthed banter he has in the books.

None of them beats "Morse," "Frost," "Wallander," or that British series with the female lead.

Do you mean, Prime Suspect, starring Helen Mirren, by any chance?

I've heard such great things about Prime Suspect and adore Helen Mirren as an actress but It's not offered anywhere on my cable.

Yup.  That's the one.  :)  Lousy memory.


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