I'm currently enjoying both Longmire based on the Craig Johnson series and the new King & Maxwell based on David Baldacci's series of books.

I've not read either series. Can anyone tell me if they have, are they similar to the TV series and if not better or worse and why?


David DeLee

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It's an older show, David. Maybe it will return on PBS.


By the way, the new series based on "Morse"  but with his former sidekick in the lead isn't very good at all. The plots are weak and depend too much on oddities. I do like the sidekick's sidekick, though.

DS James Hathaway is played by the English actor Laurence Fox.  His father (Edward) and uncle (James) have starred in many films and series.  His character in "Lewis" is very complicated; a Cambridge graduate in theology, who was training to be a Catholic priest and eventually became a policeman.  The implication is that he lost his faith and vocation.

A piece of trivia: he is married to an English actress called Billie Piper.  Many "Doctor Who" fans regard her as the best female companion the Doctor ever had.  As far as I can recall, she is the only assistant the Doctor (the Scottish actor David Tennant, at that time) ever kissed!

And the plots do pick up a little in the later series of "Lewis", but they will never be described as complex or ingenious. 

Ah.  Interesting.  I believe Sergeant Hathaway is gay in the show. Or am I getting this confused with another series (of books)? I read/watch a lot of police procedurals.

My own understanding of Hathaway's sexual orientation is that he is unsure of his own preferences.  There are references to previous homosexual leanings in the show, but also examples of physical attraction to at least one young woman.  Definitely a complicated character to unravel and far more interesting than his "guvnor" Lewis.

I'm a Lewis fan, partly because, unlike too many TV detectives, he actually uses real-life investigative technique, described by some of the detectives I know as, "Get off your ass and knock on doors." Lewis could be some of my acquaintances.

Hathaway, with his complex personal issues, is a perfect balance for Lewis, because he perpetuates the memory of Morse. Lewis' earthiness and Hathaway's ethereal nature are a wonderful balance.

You'll find no disagreement from me there.  I'd just add that Lewis is brilliantly portrayed by the English actor Kevin Whately.

I recently became enchanted with the Australian series "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" which is set in 1920s Melbourne and based on the books by Kerry Greenwood.  The protagonist, Phyrne Fisher, is an amateur detective and an intelligent, strong minded, independent woman.  I believe a second series started filming earlier this year.  

I heard good things about this. Not sure I can get it. It's a favorite with women readers.

Series II of the "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" is now showing in the UK (on Alibi).  I watched the first episode, which I had recorded, last night and found it quite enjoyable.  

For those members who enjoy Morse and also have watched Lewis, if you did not know there is also a "Young Morse" series, set in 1965.  The pilot (2012) and the (first) series are called Endeavour.  The "Wiki" link is below:


I really enjoyed the episodes.  But I am hooked on period crime, especially, when it is well written or filmed.

If posting links of this nature on this forum is frowned up, please accept my apologies.  I thought that the "Wiki" could outline the series in detail for you.

Yes, I saw that.  I think It's better than the "Lewis" series.

Ah, very good, the British view of things.  We don't get all of this. I remember not liking Foyle's War: too depressing.  But then I'm originally German and don't take well to either war. Will keep an eye out for Longmire. We used to get All Creatures Great and Small, but that's not a mystery. Still, love of animals appeals, and the characters were great. Sherlock in any form is a bete noir for me, insufferable prig that he is.

Auf Wiedersehn, Pet sounds lovely.  Alas, I doubt it will make it over here. I'm a bit of an anglophile and miss British TV.


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