A new movie just came out and it's causing quite a buzz. HYSTERIA features some frustrated Victorian women. Anytime you see "women" and "hysteria" in the same sentence, it has to be about sex. And this blog post is explicit, so consider yourself warned.

Back in the 1880s a London physician, Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville, invented the electric vibrator. Who knew? In Victorian England, it was okay for men to have orgasms, but women? Not so much.

In the 19th Century, scientists and doctors believed a woman's "affliction of the nervous system" stemmed from a disorder of the uterus, which they called "hysteria." So when people began to see upper-class women emerging from Dr. Granville's office flushed with excitement and joy, they started wondering what was going on in there.

 Vibrators and Sex?

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Saw Maggie Gyllenhaal on The Daily Show last night.  Looks like a fun movie.  The secret to a successful medical career has always been to invent a common disorder--and the means to cure it.

Just had an email from friend in NYC. He saw the movie, said it was nothing special. But oh those feather dusters!  :) 

Jon Stewart must have had a field day with the movie. Did they show clips?

Or user manuals?

Sounds like a great premise for a fun film.  Way more potential than "Road To Wellville".

So were these steampunk vibrators?  Did they have flashlight batteries back then?  Or did you have to toss in a couple of scoops of coal before firing them up?

I think the women got the hang of it pretty quickly. :) 

Ya gotta go read the blog piece to appreciate the, um, intricacies of how it went from feather duster to electric vibrator. 

how it went from feather duster to electric vibrator. 

Hence the term....."tickled pink"  ????? :D

I thought that was the French version

You betcha!

I thought there was a lot of potential in "The Road to Wellville." But that's probably just me. I used to be quite interested in company towns and the kind of social engineering company owners used to be involved in.

But yeah, the vibrator movie is probably better.

Now if we could just find a company town that builds motorized dildos, it would be a slam dunk for a Johhny Depp movie.

Dang!  I missed The Road to Wellville. Was there any sex involved?  Not if Henry Ford was running the company town. He was a prude. Goodyear (the blimp guy) wasn't. He created the first rubber condom. Or so I heard ... 

Nah, better than that, William Kellogg.  Who invented rubber cereal.

Seriously, he was a health nut and the cereals were a byproduct of that. It's a very cute set-up.  I didn't mean to minimalize it, John.   

The big thing I recall from it was Matthew Broderick figuring out that the physical therapy his wife was getting was essentially getting screwed.

And Anthony Hopkin's Kellogg was great--you see kind a fine line between this and Jonestown.

They made a movie about cereal??? Like, Fruit Loops? Oooooh, maybe Fruit Loops are really secret birth control devices.

Was Anthony Hopkins dallying w/MB's wife? He was great in that movie where he murdered his wife because she was dallying with the cop. I can never remember the titles of movies. Well, I remember Unfaithful, but that's whole different movie.  


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