A new movie just came out and it's causing quite a buzz. HYSTERIA features some frustrated Victorian women. Anytime you see "women" and "hysteria" in the same sentence, it has to be about sex. And this blog post is explicit, so consider yourself warned.

Back in the 1880s a London physician, Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville, invented the electric vibrator. Who knew? In Victorian England, it was okay for men to have orgasms, but women? Not so much.

In the 19th Century, scientists and doctors believed a woman's "affliction of the nervous system" stemmed from a disorder of the uterus, which they called "hysteria." So when people began to see upper-class women emerging from Dr. Granville's office flushed with excitement and joy, they started wondering what was going on in there.

 Vibrators and Sex?

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But probably heard from.  That thing looks kind of noisy to me.  Kind of like my mama's old MixMaster.

ROFL!!! Re: Limbaugh

Um, I guess that's good, right? :)

Very good, indeed. :-) Limbaugh is such a goofball.

D.L. King found the topic interesting and put together a collection of erotica about carnal steampunk machines.  http://www.amazon.com/Carnal-Machines-Steampunk-D-King/dp/157344654...

Thanks for the link, Jackson. Looks like a steamy read!

Cammy said:  That thing looks kind of noisy to me.  Kind of like my mama's old MixMaster.

Yeah, but there's always earplugs ... :)


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