A few things that don’t scare me:


I think you get the idea.

A few things that do scare me:


So tell me. What frightens you most? If you were going to write a horror novel, what would it be about?

Should part of our journeys as writers be to stare down our darkest demons?

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Snakes and Possums. Snakes freak me out with the way they slither, and Possums with the way they look.

Why does Satan scare you?
The question is, why doesn't Satan scare you? ;)
Why should he scare me?
Ever stared into the eyes of pure evil?
Nothing scares me like people. In the right circumstances they are capable of ANYTHING.

I do prefer non-supernatural horror.

A fast spreading virus is pretty scary, though it depends on what you do with it (duh) and if you avoid the supernatural/zombie stuff that usually accompanies it.
I agree a virus could be very scary. Wasn't The Andromeda Strain about that?
And The Stand, there've been plenty of books about a virus but I still find them scary...
Things that might actually happen are what scares me. Random accidents and crime, for example. Nothing that isn't going to happen (demonic possession, zombies) or is so unlikely it can be disocunted (asteroid impacts, earthquakes in Maryland). Alzheimers scares me. So does ALS. An accident that leaves me alert but totally paralyzed. Blindness. Being confronted by a man with a gun who is deciding the cash I have on me isn't enough. Those things scare me.
I can't think of anything more frightening than being totally helpless, Dana.
Yeah, how about being in total control, responsible for other people....
I wouldn't go so far as to call it fear, but, having watched part of a murder trial once, I have great anxiety about being called to a jury for a serious case. I'd do it, but I can definitely live without it.
Twelve Angry Men.


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