A few things that don’t scare me:


I think you get the idea.

A few things that do scare me:


So tell me. What frightens you most? If you were going to write a horror novel, what would it be about?

Should part of our journeys as writers be to stare down our darkest demons?

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Great flick. Leads me to: How about being prosecuted for a murder you didn't commit?
That would be a nightmare for sure, Eric. Maybe you should write a book about it. ;)
The greatest horrors are those that life deals people. The death of a child, for example. Watching an incurable disease slowly consume a loved one. The pain people inflict on one another. That includes torture, which is for me a death penalty crime.

But it's certainly nothing supernatural. Not even Satan. Good Grief!
I'm not sure why, I.J., but The Exorcist just scared the crap out of me. I saw it when I was seventeen and to this day I won't watch it again.
Same with me, though I'd love to see ti again. (I read the book, and it scared me snotless, too.) I think it might because Blatty and Freidkin did such a good job of making everything else seem so mundane, even the early parts of the possession, made it easier to suspend my disbelief and willing to accept something I really didn't--and don't--believe.
I always thought the cop in The Exorcist was the model for Columbo.
The Exorcist wasn't scary at all to me, but I just watched it for the first time a few years ago. I guess it's because soul-possession isn't scary to me.

However, Ju-On (American version was called The Grudge) scared the crap out of me. Ghosts staring at you through the window or hovering over your bed or even under your sheets while you're in bed--all that creeps me out. I think it's the anticipation of what might happen next that is scary to me.
Maybe The Exorcist wouldn't be scary to me now, John, but I'm too chicken to rent it.
I really liked The Exorcism Of Emily Rose. A great modern adaptation of The Exorcist which is based more closely on the story that inspired the original.

It chills the crap out of me. It's a much more subtle movie that leaves the premise open in such a way that it may not be supernatural at all. Still, some of the scenes with Dexter's sister (same actress) made me have a drink of scotch to calm down.

Or maybe I just felt like scotch.
Legions of soldiers blindly following the whims of a madman. Yep. Extremely scary.
For me, in fiction, the things that scare me most are the unexplained. Twisted J-Horror (Japanese) nightmare spirits that have no reason or explanation behind them. Of course I don't believe in these things, just like I don't believe in pure evil or Satan or the other guy.

In real life, I'd have to say that public speaking is far more scary than anything violent. I wonder how this could be turned into a truly scary novel or movie?

Hmm, might make a decent short story.
They say public speaking is the most common fear, Daniel.


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