A few things that don’t scare me:


I think you get the idea.

A few things that do scare me:


So tell me. What frightens you most? If you were going to write a horror novel, what would it be about?

Should part of our journeys as writers be to stare down our darkest demons?

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I've heard that. :)
:) Well I agree with that, I have problems with it if I'm alone on a podium. If I'm seated and it's casual I do fine.

But, when it comes to blind terror...I can get very antsy with heights....it doesn't seem to matter if I know I'm safe, it still makes my hands sweat....
Suffocation or drowning scares me the most.

I'd be an awful scuba diver.
Torture of any kind. That dental drilling scene in Marathon Man with Olivier and Hoffman creeps me out every time I think of it.
Eric and Cynthia:

There's a waterboarding scene in my novel on submission, which should satisfy both of you. :)
I do write horror, or thriller's....and I do include things that frighten me....I've found if I'm writing late at night, I can only take so much of it and then I have to leave it alone until the next, when I can "see" everything around me;):) Sigh...ridiculous I know, but I can literally scare myself....
Scaring yourself is probably a good sign, Loretta.
Laughing, well we can only hope!...Surely if I know what's coming in the novel, and I still get the hoo ha's...it's doing the trick;):)
A young actor on a radio talk show did a riff on Christopher Walken's thought process. You ask Chris a question about his latest work and he answers with something completely off topic i.e "Mr. Walken, how do you create the emotional context for your chacaters?" And Walken answers... "Bears don't scare me. I'll tell you what scares me. Marsupials scare me 'cause their faaaast."

As to your original question...vulnerability.
Hi Karyn:

Very true about vulnerability. If we thought about it much, we would probably never leave the house.

At least there aren't many bears or marsupials where I live. :)
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