I see a ton of posts from what appears to be a Nigerian scammer. Stephanie Assa. Interesting choice of venues, Stephanie. Did you think none of us would know anything about crime?

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I just had her hit me on my post as well. This spam mess has gotten ridiculous. I don't know how people send this stuff out and not feel bad about it. I'm having issue with sending things out while trying to promote my book. I always worry that I'm going to be deemed as sending spam.  

I remember similar posts from Nigeria on this site last year. Different name and photo I think though. 


Just saw on her member page she is from Cambodia with a hometown listing of Alexandria, New Hampshire!

That's your stomping ground. You better track her down.


Thanks for the heads up Joy.

I had one from a Miss Grace Kamara last year as well.

It should only take one complaint to admin to have them removed from the forum.

I get these from time to time on various forums.


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