What are you watching in the way of mystery material?

I'm watching new Mentalist & Castle.   Elementary & reruns of S. Holmes.  Tired of FBI connection in series.  Liked the CBI in Mentalist & cop station in Castle.  Castle writers came to their senses & put Beckett back at headqtrs.  Mentalist not so much.  Have them with the FBI now. <Boring!>

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I'm watching American Crime. Complex characters and a twisty plot.

I've just finished the two Bosch (spelling?) seasons on Amazon.  Well done.

Bosch is excellent. I'd also recommend The Night of over on HBO. Great, realistic take on big city cop and court room procedure. also Murder in the First on TNT. There's 3 seasons, each examines an investigation over a single season. Both are very well done.

I just started watching The Killing, a Brit series, on Netflix. It is excellent ... set in Seattle, WA. Serial killer and a look-in at a political campaign that seems very relevant to what's happening in the US right now The Killing ... 

Sorry, I think it's based on a Swedish series

Another good one is The Fall, also on Netflix. (They just released season 3--which I haven't seen yet.) It stars Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame and takes place in Belfast Ireland. Very good.

Yes, great show, I'm watching that one too.

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