After some debate, I came up with an idea and I wanted to get a little feedback.


My little company is moving into digital custom publishing associated our content marketing services, and as such, we need some sample custom sites - a showpiece if you will.


Over the years, having been a newspaper and magazine publisher, I've often thought of starting a mystery publication of some type, and I'm wondering if I can't kill two birds with one stone.


Budget and resources are absolutely available, and as a showpiece for my company, the "digital publication" would not be required to generate revenue. Rather, the sole focus would be on quality and "doing it right" to demonstrate our capabilities to potential clients.


Of course this is all still speculative as I could change my mind, however, I have a question or two.


I have read more than once the opinion that there is a great need for more reviews and reviewers.  So I guess my question is what would constitute a good mystery novel review site? Is it more important to have a small core of trusted reviewers, or open it up to multiple (but edited/monitored) reviewers? How about comments in response to reviews such as with a blog? Is it important to have a sample of all sub-genres reviewed, or a heavier focus on more popular ones? How do you feel about multimedia reviews, such as video or audio reviews?


Any other general thoughts about what makes or breaks mystery reviews and/or review sites?





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:)  Oh, come!  You're certainly better than semi-literate, or you couldn't have written this.
Heh, heh.  Thanks, I.J.  I'm sort of literate, although on certain days--when I spend too much time wondering around in online forums (all except THIS one)--I do wonder.  Heh, heh.   
I like to think of myself as post-literate.


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