What Would You CHANGE About the Writing/Publishing Industry?

Hi All,

Since the "What do you hate topic" didn't seem to be as popular here as on Facebook, I changed the title.  8/13/10

But the catch is, don't just say what you would like changed. HOW would you change it if you could?

A more challenging topic. I'd love to see what you guys have to say.

Best Wishes!


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Very tempting, but I'm not supposed to say. You see, people have read my comments and thought them unwise. :)
Simple. That it takes advantage of the fact that most of us just want to be "respectably" published as a reason to structure contracts in such a way that 98% of us can't possibly make a living from writing.
I don't particularly hate anything about it.

I suppose what I hate is the way the big distributors call all the shots, which in turn has hurt the midlist so badly. But Amazon and online retail in general has counteracted that. (That is, if a book doesn't make it to my local bookstore, it doesn't matter so much any more.) And ebooks seem to be helping even more in that way.

I am in "Indie Author" - that is self-published. I just decided to go that way this year, and the reason is not because I have anything against the industry. I just really love the new model better.
I probably should have added that I'm quite happy so far with my smaller publisher. They do a super job turning out a top product while keeping the overhead low. I like that. And I also like the fact that I get as much support as any of their other authors. (And that probably would have been my main complaint about the big houses: they play their stars against the rest of their writers).
I told you I.J.
You just can't beat that.
I started this thread to just get opinions since it was such a hit on Face book.

Thomas you can start the "love" topic if you want to.

Of course it's not all bad in publishing. But people have opinions about things they want to change. Maybe I'll change the title to that then.

What would you change? I bet people will have a lot of things to say then, LOL!

The topic was fun though because those authors on FB had a lot of interesting opinions and shared their experiences. It was rather eye-opening to see what people didn't like about the industry and what they would change. That's why I started the topic here just to see what people thought.

Best Wishes!


Chill okay? I changed it because I wanted to. I also mentioned I posted the thread because it was a big hit on face book. That's all. You might not liked how it was worded, and that's your choice. That's why I said, if you wanted a thread about what you love, you are free to post it. But I don't think others should dictate what folks post. I respect you didn't like the wording but I think you are taking it in a serious way. Believe me if I didn't want to change it, I wouldn't have.

People post topics about the industry all the time and when I do it, I get a big stink about it? Also the thread was in fun. Just a fun topic, that's all. Wasn't meant to be negative but folks can discuss what they don't like or what they hate. It doesn't matter who thinks it's interesting or not. The point is, it's my thread. I can name it what I want, I thought.

Goodness didn't think it was this serious. I'm like this, if I don't want to comment on a thread, I don't. But i respect the person's right to post it and their right to word it the way they want.

That's all I'm saying but definitely didn't think it would be such a big deal if I asked about "hate" opposed to what folks love. Especially when folks post the same type of posts. It was supposed to be in fun that's all. Not so serious.

If we can't have fun here sometimes, what's the point?

Best Wishes!

It's changing itself, so I don't suppose I'd do anything.

Seriously, I like the way publishing worked 40 years ago, but nothing's going to make it go back that way. But the things I miss from that time - the healthy midlist in particular - have a shot at coming back with the advent of ebooks. (Since ebooks don't have to compete for shelf-space, and don't cost anything to keep in print.)

I suppose if I could magically change something, it would be that POD technology would progress to the point where it could print nice cheap mass market style paperbacks. (I hate trade paperbacks.)
Actually, if ne indie book stores fill in the holes left by the withdrawal of major chains, the chance for traditional books in the midlist range might see a resurgence.
We can only hope that ebooks create a new space for the indie bookstores again. I would love to see that.
i would say give us more variety. but do readers really want variety? it's easy to point the finger at publishing houses, but are they just giving readers what they want?


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