What's the Best Way to Do a Contest for a Crime Novel Giveaway?

So I've got this crime novel. It's called "Cleansing Eden." My publisher is giving it lots of promotional play, but I want to do one of those nifty contest giveaways. I did one before via my e-mail newsletters for subscribers. The people who won really enjoyed it.


What contests have you enjoyed? What contests missed the mark? I'm not thinking of anything too complicated.

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The best way to do these things, IMO, is to try to place the giveaway on a popular blog that's a personal favorite of your own. That way, you're likely to hook up with the right readership of people who aren't already dedicated fans (the newsletter types), but are likely to be interested in your work due to common interest in the types of books you personally enjoy. And bloggers tend to be pretty warm and welcoming folk who'd be receptive to this kind of thing--especially if you're also a fan of their site.


You might also try a giveaway that's linked with a teaser of your book, and do the giveaway to people who comment. You probably already knew all of this, but that's my two cents anyway.

Good insights, thank you. I like the blog route the most. Every now and then, I need to affirm I'm not running down the wrong track.
No prob

 Hi, I've been "away" a while working on marketing and stuff for Noir Nation, and trying to navigate eBook markeing and so n.  


How did your contest go?  Have you done it yet?   Dennis E. Johnson had one for his book "Motor City Shakedown," that worked pretty well.





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