Whats the next wave in E-Media? Interactive Fiction, Fad or Future?

I think we've all seen so much changing in the publishing and writing world for the last ten years, even the last two, to know that there is always something new around the corner.


The question is, what?  Howard Sherman has created this site, http://www.malinche.net/

for his line of interactive fiction.  It made me think of those Choose your own Adventure books when I was a kid. He gives an example and some thoughts behind it at my site, www.jerseywisefiction.com


Could engaging readers at this level be the next new thing? A way to draw readers in when they are constantly being lured away by twitter, facebook and other forms of media hype?


I think it's creative and inventive and might just be something that sticks.  It has been done in various ways before, but these days, anything that pulls someone out of the real world and into a fictional one seems to hold mass appeal.  There are even cell phone apps that do it, I have one on my smartphone right now.


So, I'm wondering what everyone else thinks? Fad or Future?



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I think it's a really interesting idea to get readers to invest in the story.

I think your confusing it with online interactive gameplay which is definitely a way for people to escape their lives. 

Besides, writers write stories, interactive isn't for writers, it's for readers. What else is reading but fantasy? A way for people to escape to a story playing in their heads.

What gets you so irate about it, Dan? Seems to be a bit of a trigger for you. 

Well, that is true.  I'd hate that.  In fact, I'd do my best to prohibit it.  This is for the folks who design games.

Come to think of it, haven't there been books that were written as games?  Somehow "cock robin" comes to my mind. Sorry.  A very vague memory.

I see your point, but I do think that every form has it's place.  There are still people who hate Kindle and Nook and wish them gone but the fact is, they have found a place and are here to stay.  This particular writing form isn't for every writer or reader for that matter, but it just might be for some and I think they are entitled to it.


I wouldn't write this but the guy who has the site, Howard Sherman, finds enjoyment in it is. To each his or her own is my philosophy.

What you're describing is being done in the gaming world. A huge amount of creative writing is being done for games that allow a wide range interactivity for the reader - from reading a game-based novel to creating their own adventures for live action role playing within a shared universe.

I remember my ex playing Wing Commander -- back when he was my husband. He'd call me over for the live-action movie sequences so I could see the results of his battles and decisions being played out. If you removed the battle play, it would have been an interactive movie. Doing this kind of story with an eBook would be relatively simple... at least from a technological standpoint. Without the video to support it, I'm not sure it would be worth all the extra effort writing that kind of book would entail.

And it would still be a kind of game. It wouldn't replace books, anymore than radio, movies or TV did. At least, I hope it wouldn't.

I think that if someone finds true enjoyment in this then it's a good thing.  To me, nothing can ever replace books nor should it.


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