I notice that though members 'launch' works, the support in terms of views is tiny - excluding the views by the authors themselves, there's scarcely another visit?

Are we scared? Do we know a bomb when we see it? I dunno - what do you folks think

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What do you mean by "views"?  I've said elsewhere that out BLOG section has become a dumping ground for all the ads by people who are not active on this site.  I'm not interested in them.  I doubt anyone is.  They are wasting their time here.

That's pretty much what I would have said. I buy books by several members of the Crimespace community, many of whom i became aware of because of this site. The catch is, I became aware of them through their thoughtful comments, blog posts, and by engaging them in discussions. I don;t have the time--nor the inclination--to investigate books by authors who only stop by to clutter up the blog page with oversized graphics of their covers. I can get marketing anywhere. I come here for insight.

Dammit, you won't want to hear from me then... ;)

?  Mark?  We do want to hear.  On the Forum.


As for oversized graphics:  that's built into this site.  I always post a modest and dainty little thumb print of a cover and it blows up to supersize.

Hey now, let's not beat up on over-sized covers. They come with novelty-sized checks, you know.

I imagine we'll buy books from those we've come to know on the site, if we're interested. 

There are people whose books I'll probably never buy, not only because they come in and beat us over the head with their advertising, but because they're usually things I'm not interested in anyway.  Coming in week after week to advertise five or six books over and over is a turn-off.

Plus, none of us here should have any illusions about the state of other writers' wallets.  I'll buy and read what I'm interested in, but I'm not wealthy.

I've bought books by most of the more outspoken regulars (i.e., folks who've been here from the get-go, more or less).  A fine, talented bunch of writers they are, too.  Basically, though, crimespace is a lousy venue for marketing books.  I come here to argue, not to sell stuff.

Without gushing too much, it's been through this forum that I've found some really great books and authors that I wouldn't have heard about otherwise. So not surprisingly I have two Jon Loomis books on my shelf :) but it's been the comments that have encouraged me to try them, not the ads.

Exactly. I haven't read a crime book in a long time from someone I didn't have contact with online.

I rarely look at "launch" posts because all the information is usually in the title; i.e., 'BOOK TITLE by Author Now Available at Amazon (or wherever).' If it's someone whose work I keep up with and like, I don't need to view the post to know they've got a new book out and I can go get it at Amazon (or wherever).

Certainly some interesting ideas - to be blunt - and I always have done - I judge a book by it's cover first - the rest follows but I fall for covers which has influenced me in the low price novel as much as any other genre etc

If you're not active in the forum, no one's going to care about you here. When this place was good (couple years ago), it was because of the active, lively discussions about crime fiction. 


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