I notice that though members 'launch' works, the support in terms of views is tiny - excluding the views by the authors themselves, there's scarcely another visit?

Are we scared? Do we know a bomb when we see it? I dunno - what do you folks think

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Oh, thank you.  My blog so far looks very dull to me.  Maybe I'll put it up on the local Blog after it's appeared on the Historical site. It dwells on political upheaval and their effect on human beings.  The idea being that we are helpless victims of events we don't control though we make these desperate efforts.

Upheavals.   What I get for revising.

I thought the site was for writers and non-writers (ie. readers), as it says in the strapline at the top?

It is.

I put forward my little point based on the 'views' but also I recall about a million years ago I won a poetry competition and got hawked round talks. If they were 'poetry groups' then I got a sort of semi-hostile reception and the dear from the prize awarders sold very, very, very few boos. However when I was rolled out in front of village groups. WI etc - books went quick - so I was just trundling round the subject. It wasn't a criticism - perhaps a sociological experimentation or being nosey.


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