I finally finished my next book, KING OF SORROW. I've started submitting sample chapters to agents. At first this was an exciting time. I was half expecting an agent to call me and throw a contract my way.


As is the norm in the literary business, nothing happened. It's been many months and there has been no reply. I decided to send it to other agents as well and the result was the same. Meanwhile life is passing me by and my writing work is lagging behind.


I really don't want to publish this book myself. I feel it has International appeal, which means I need someone to represent me overseas. I'm still struggling with that great South African hurdle. No one reads here and I'm too far away from any country where people actually do read.


What's the current hype about agents in US, UK and AUS? Is it still wise to obtain the services of a literary agent? Any advice will help.


James Fouche

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Why not go with some of the smaller presses? So many people are getting a lot of success this way. At least pitch to them and see how it goes.


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