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So far, I've created all of my own covers. I have fun doing it and it saves me a lot of money. I don't do book trailers because I don't see the value in them, but I'm openminded enough to change my mind, if someone wants to try. :)
David DeLee
Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

My publisher made my first two book covers. I hope to have an input on the next. I produced my own book trailer.

My publisher does my covers.  No trailers.  Has anyone found trailers to be useful?  I'm hearing they're not.

My publisher does my covers as well.

I used iMovie to make mine. It hasn't been a deal breaker for sales, but it was fun to make.




I wanted to pass this on to those who are putting out their own eBooks:

Noir Nation and its sister presses Bare Knuckles Press and Heart's Diary Press has developed a very good relationship with Butterflies and Hurricanes, a design team in Prague, Czech Republic that has raised the bar several notches for eBook layout and design.  They have made paper and eBook covers and done all the internal work, even the deep code corrections (the Amazon KDP software doesn't work that well and introduces errors, as does InDesign). They make a Kindle eBook something special for affordable prices, and are very professional.  They've also done our corporate brand logos.


Some of the covers they've made for us:

Two examples of internal design:

Corporate Logos:

Contact for Butterflies & Hurricanes:

Note: as these books haven't been released yet, they do not yet appear on the B&H website.  The books will be released the first week in December.


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