Who line edits, proofreads some of these expensive books: Microsoft Word?

Hi, folks. I'm back after a long absence from the Internet and missed all of you terribly.

During the time that I couldn't get on the Net (gasp, sob), I did a LOT of reading. Big, expensive books from my local library. There were errors not only in continuity, spelling and grammar, but line repetitions and widows and orphans everywhere. Who is watching these books for errors? Don't they send the proofs to the authors any more? What do you think?

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I think that the writers are the least likely people to catch their own copyedit-level errors. As the author, you've read your content a thousand times, so your brain tends to automatically fill in what's supposed to be there, not what's actually there. It takes an outside person's eye to catch the gooflaws. I've been both an editor (technical) and a writer, so I'm familiar with this process on both sides of the equation. It's much easier to catch copyedit-type errors in work that is not my own. In my own work, I'll often repeatedly overlook a missing word, which is very frustrating. I really rely on my publisher's copyeditor.


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