I must confess, I've enjoyed following the Castle television series, and watching some of the cameo appearances of other well-known, well-liked authors. However, when they published the Castle book series and the actor started signing books, I started thinking ...huh? I mean, I know they're doing it for PR and it really worked for them. Look at the NYT ratings, not to mention the boost in television ratings. But they used a ghost writer to put these novels together, and I really would like to find out who that is. Anyone have the scoop on this writer? The person should get some recognition, don't you think? Everyone else is taking a bow.

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I did a search on Google and the name of the writer is a secret.  I do know that there are a number of writers skilled in writing novels from movies or tv series (look at all those Star Trek books) and sometimes they are credited and sometimes not.


It is a fun topic.

It is interesting, Brian. Sooner or later, the writer's name will surface. I just hope he/she received a percentage of the sales, a not just a flat fee.
I agree.

I read a tie-in comic recently that had the author's details inked in on the inside cover. I'm guessing the ghost writer will either be credited or they will keep them under wraps.


Takes quite a bit of skill to write from a fictional character's writer's perspective. I'm guessing the ghost is probably behind some already famous names who use ghosts to meet marketing deadlines.

Interesting idea, Toni. I had not thought of that possibility. By the way, the third person was the late Stephen J. Cannell, who died September 10, 2010.

You beat me to it. I was going to say Stephen would have a hard time being the ghost writer.


I can't see Connelly being the ghost. For him it was a cool chance to come down and broaden his appeal. Patterson can't find enough ghosts himself.

I think Connelly & Patterson must have a hand in producing the books -- why else would they be regular characters on a TV series? Maybe Nathan Fillion writes them (his parents were English teachers, it could happen), and Connelly & Patterson edit. Or whoever writes the show's scripts. Maybe even somebody in the PR department. I haven't read any of them so I can't take a guess based on writing style. Has anyone actually tried to read one of the books? I honestly can't imagine myself taking them very seriously, but who knows? Maybe they're good.
I almost picked one up to read out of curiosity. Maybe reading one will shed some light on the writers.
The books are kinda fun, in that they're very much like watching an episode of the show.  They do feel like works-for-hire, but I don't know enough to tell you which author might have done them.

I can just about guarantee that Connelly and Patterson don't have any hand in the books. They are invited down as guests by the producers who want to lend a level of authenticity to Castle's role as super author. Connelly told me he didn't even write his own lines that he speaks on the show (but he did love the lines).


I doubt Nathan writes. He seems to spend his spare time Twittering about charity events and his travels.


The Derrick Storm comic I read (currently #1 at Amazon in graphic novels) was written by Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue Deconnick. Kelly is a Marvel comic author, and Brian is an Eisner Award winning comic author. If that is any indication it is likely that they will get professional thriller ghosts.


Oh. Just did some digging and found out that it is Dan Brown doing the writing.

DAN BROWN has nothing better to do!  I think Sir Francis Bacon is the ghost writer.
Good sleuthing, Tim. I can guess that answers who the real Richard Castle might be ... for the moment.


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