I must confess, I've enjoyed following the Castle television series, and watching some of the cameo appearances of other well-known, well-liked authors. However, when they published the Castle book series and the actor started signing books, I started thinking ...huh? I mean, I know they're doing it for PR and it really worked for them. Look at the NYT ratings, not to mention the boost in television ratings. But they used a ghost writer to put these novels together, and I really would like to find out who that is. Anyone have the scoop on this writer? The person should get some recognition, don't you think? Everyone else is taking a bow.

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Wow! That's a twist I didn't see coming.

Dan Brown, huh. Wow. Gotta say that surprised me too.

I read the first one HEAT WAVE and did enjoy it quite a bit.

And you have to give them credit, the interweaving of the books and graphic novels with the show is sheer brilliance, IMO.  I heard (not sure if its true or not) they even had Nathan do a book tour for the first one.

David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

Yes Nathan did. I don't know if he did it in character or not though.

Either way, great P.R. if you ask me.


David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel



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