Would You Celebrate National Critique Partner(s) Day in 2012?

Last year, when I finaled in the Golden Pen, I privately felt like I owed more than I could ever repay to my wonderful CP.  When my writing was sloppy, she nailed it, and she never flinched from complete honesty.  Each Friday, for two years, she and I  have met for lunch and a massive critique of our WIPs.


My work would not be as solid as it it today, if not for her.  So last year on June 6th (no particular reason for picking the day, other than the fact it was Friday), I celebrated National CP Day.  Numerous friends liked the idea and participated with me. 


Would you participate in Nt'l CP day in 2012?  I'm thinking about organizing to get that done.  Hey, you guys, we have Nt'l this and Nt'l that days, which seem not as important to me as celebrating the contributions our CP's make. 


If you would, please let me know.  I'm organizing in advance, OCD girl that I am.   Also, if you have ideas for ways to celebrate, give me your ideas.  Cards?  Getting her/his/their name(s) tatted on the arm next to "mom" (kidding, er, I think). 




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