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I'm sure some of you might have seen this already but I am just passing it along here. It's funny to me how some people seem to assume self-published authors are stupid.

Wonder if any of them thinks this is worth it?


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I doubt that will change the world. The customers of PW are in the trade, i.e. book stores and libraries, in addition to the people who work in the publishing field. Everything depends on how interested they will be in self-published titles.
Hi I. J.,

You see that even paying the fee, it's just for a listing. I hope SP authors who consider this read carefully and not assume they will get a review. I'll bet not one SP book will ever be picked or reviewed by PW. I just got that feeling.

Best Wishes!
Actually, I'll bet they make some money on this. $149 isn't that much to pay for some free publicity.
Hi Minerva,

I fear that a lot of SP authors will automatically assume they will get a review. If they decide to do it, I just hope they read carefully and understand that the money is for the listing and no way guarantees a review.

Best Wishes!
In the grand context of publishing, $149 isn't a much. But to an individual, that's half a car payment.
Writer Beware has a comprehensive blog post on this:

PW Select: Opportunity or Exploitation?
Hi Karen,

Yeah I saw this too. I don't see too many folks happy about this. I was visiting a SP writing site and they weren't exactly jumping up and down. They felt it was a slap in the face to have to pay you know?

Best Wishes!
Kirkus has been doing this for over two years, and I'm guessing in a financially successful way if PW wants to follow suit.
I thought Kirkus gave up after the outcry.
Boy, talk about taking cruel advantage of the low self-esteem of many self-published authors. The only way I'd consider something like this is if I were assured of getting a review — and in the main publication, not some ghettoized supplement. And without any asterisks or any other labeling of the book as self-published. Either judge it on its merits or don't judge it at all.

All that, and PW doesn't really reach many book readers. I can think of dozens of smarter uses for $149 to promote my work.
"Low self-esteem of many self-published authors?" That's kinda harsh, don't you think?
These are the same enlightened individuals who previously slammed "paid for" reviews. They are not charging for the review, just for the chance to be reviewed. Aren't words wonderful? "Thank you, Sir. May I have another?"


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