So you're sitting at your desk alone, drinking straight from the bottle (or if you're me, consuming a lot of milk and cookies), wondering if the words you're slapping down on the page are a) phenomenal, b) readable, half-way decent, c) definitely could use some work or d) everyone will laugh at me long into the night and then they'll start a club solely dedicated to ridding the world of my

Well, wonder no more, because you can join our interweb writers' group! It's called Short Crime Fiction Writers and, you guessed it, it's for writers of short crime fiction (the occasional other genre piece is cool too) who are looking for feedback and are willing to offer critiques of other people's work. It's a fairly new group, started it just last month, and right now we have 14 members. 

Just go to that link above to join or e-mail me at for more info.

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