Writing software: currently using Word and OneNote

Does anyone have a suggestion for a writing software program that I should look at?
I have already tried demos of the following programs:
**Page Four
**WriteWay Pro
**yWriter5 -- Free, but too complicated for me. Also, I have to click on each chapter to see the scenes, which I'd rather not do.
**WriteItNow -- I liked this one, but didn't care for the $60-70 price tag. It has easy to view chapters and scenes in a sidebar and an easy to use storyboard.

I know that software does not write novels, plot stories, etc. etc. blah, blah, blah. That's not the kind of writing software I'm looking for. In fact, I don't want something that takes control of my work or asks me a million questions before it lets me get to work. What I need is something for story organization.

Currently, I am using Microsoft Word 2007 as my word processing software. It's a little quirky, but for the most part I don't have any complaints about using it for writing.

I also use Microsoft OneNote as a sort of storyboard. I have a page with photos and info about my protag's car. Another page with background timeline info. More pages for character bios, etc.

All is fine until I want to change something. And that's where I'm experiencing problems with Word and OneNote.

Word: Changing the scene names can be a real hassle. I've written forty scenes and then I want to add a new scene in the number two position, I have to change the numerical part of the name in the other 38 scenes.

OneNote: If I use this as a storyboard and want to insert a new scene, I have to manually move the other scenes down the page, starting with the lowest one first. If anyone uses OneNote and knows how to make the note containers automatically move position when inserting a new note container, please let me know.


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Thanks, Jeff. I think when I have a couple of light days, I'll download the sample and try it. My contracts call for turning in manuscripts in MS Word, too. But if I can get that, and still use a more stable, user-friendly program, I will.
I use Writer's Cafe, designed by a Scottish writer and I've found it easy to use and fun, as well, with its cork board and notecards you can move around. And, very importantly - cheap! Check it out at www.writerscafe.co.uk, and don't confuse cheap with 'must be no good'.
Most of the time, I use paper and a pen or pencil. I grew up writing that way (didn't get my first PC until college) and feel like the computer sometimes acts as a filter that dilutes ideas. Then I type up on MS Word--which is also what my publisher (Doubleday) asks for.
Keith, I can't imagine writing without a computer.
In my dozen or so years as a (now former) reporter, I've developed nearly unreadable handwriting. And I've learned to rely heavily on copy and paste.
I'm jealous of writers who can sit down and pen their prose and reporters who can dictate stories off the top of their head. I was never good at either.
I use yWriter to compose. The tabbed names/ locations / items and the synopsis at the bottom are great for thrillers and crime where details mentioned in the past must not be forgotten.

I export yWriter to Word (2007) to edit and polish where I use Review (Comments) and Track Changes.



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