Yep.  I think we can say that traditional publishing is still the 900 pound gorilla on the block.  And will be that way for quite some time.  Yet notice in the numbers given the e-book sales.

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Again, PW simply isn't a credible source of objective news about the publishing industry.
What's your thoughts, Jim, about why PW isn't a credible source in the publishing industry?
Yes. Why not? They are the most important voice for the publishing world in this country.
Actually, what we have here is PW reporting what Harper Collins claims to be true. If you take a look, you see that their profits were primarily fueled by major bestsellers. In other words, they picked "lucky." Another publisher's profits might go down because they threw their support behind the wrong choices.
As I've said elsewhere, PW has shown itself in its reporting on numerous occasions to be the water carrier for Big Six battles and causes. It purports to be for ALL publishers, but when has it ever had more than the most grudging credit for Amazon? How often does it do intelligent and in-depth reports on small and independent presses? Not often, I'd say. It's a New York publication that carries a New York-centric viewpoint.
God, will someone kill that gorilla already, so that I can figure out what the hell to do when I'm finished with Nine Days?!?! I'm so confused...


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