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I am often asked how I determine which books I am going to read and review. I get most of the catalogs from the major publishers and request review copies of books I have an interest in reading, and there are many of interest. I read several review sources on a regular basis.

I will read just about anything I can get my hands on, with the emphasis on fiction, forensics and true crime. I have a great deal of respect and a love for new authors, mostly because when I find an author I like, I tend to read everything they have ever written, which more or less forces me to find new authors.

Crime fiction comprises probably half of my reading time and is my guilty pleasure, but I also read chick-lit, contemporary fiction, tons of forensics, erotica, memoirs, compelling non-fiction, and works of horror, fantasy and sci-fi.

I am a voracious reader, and read several books each week. I even am a member of many of the book clubs.

I enjoy reading books, reviewing books, & promoting authors - especially new authors.
Books And Authors I Like:
All, however some of my favorite authors include: Jefferson Bass (Jon Jefferson & Dr. Bill Bass), Anne Rice, Ann Rule, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, John Saul, John Grisham, Dean Koontz, Michael Ledwidge, Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell, James Grippando, Tess Gerritsen, Janet Evanovich, Harlan Coben, John Sanford, J.K. Rowling, Nicholas Sparks, and many, many more.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
MOVIES: Passion of the Christ, Song of the South, Open Season, Man in the Iron Mask, Night at the Museum, All of the Nightmare on Elm Street's, Montana Sky, and I Love Disney Movies, Horror Movies, & Action Movies, too many to list.

TV SHOWS: Blood Ties, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, CSI Miami, CSI NY, CSI, Lost, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Numbers, The Apprentice, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, 7th Heaven, House, NCIS, Boston Legal

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  • Jack Getze

    I am suffering. I started Ken Bruen's "Priest" because every crime writer I've met in the last two months says I have to (great opening), but my wife just finished "The Watchman" by Robert Crais, who is one of my top three or four favorite writers. I read the first page and am now HOOKED on TWO BOOKS at the same time. Yesterday, I couldn't read either one because I felt guilty about the other. HELP!
  • Vickie Britton

    Last year I discovered Robert Goddard, though he's been around a while. Since I picked up Borrowed Time, I've been reading his backlist--In Pale Battalions, Hand in Glove, Painting the Darkness, Out of the Blue. His books really hit the spot with me. I like the lofty prose, the characterization and the twists and surprises. If you haven't checked this British author out give him a try.
  • Robert Gregory Browne

    It's great to see more and more book lovers here at CrimeSpace. I, too, read everything I can get my hands on and often find myself reading two or even three books at a time. One of the first authors I recommend when I meet people is Donald Westlake. He's the guy who most influenced me to become a writer.
  • Maryann Miller

    I'm new to Crimespace. Finding my way around and figuring out how to add friends. :-)
    I am reading Silent Joe, by T. Jefferson Parker. I tend to binge on one author for a while, so I have Fallen waiting in the wings to be read. I just finished a great chick lit, Icing on the Cake, by Laura Castoro. That was my change of pace between Parker books.
  • CT

    Just dropped by to say hello...
  • Anne Chaplet

    Hi! And thanks!
  • Newt Love

    You wrote: "... a love for new authors,"
    Not only am I a new author (1st novel out less than a month), my publisher is a new publisher, with many new authors under contract. The publisher is Alexandria Szeman, a prize winning author, who retired from her tenured university faculty position to start Rockway Press, located just outside of Sante Fe, NM. I hope you visit our web sites and survey our offerings.
    Thanks for being a part of the wonderful world of crime writing!
  • Jeff Sherratt

    Hi there, Thanks for adding me to your page. And thanks for the valuable service you provide.
  • Charles Kelly

    Hi. Thanks for inviting me into your space on Crimespace. It's great that so many people are reviewing books now. There are a lot of fresh voices, with some very energetic opinions. I'll let you know when PAY HERE is out. Hope you enjoy it.
  • Dennis Venter

    Hiya, QBR. Thanks for the invite. Like you, I love to find new authors which is why this site has been such a find for me. But how do you read so fast? I'd kill to be capable of reading a few books per week!
  • mary christian

    Thanks for adding me.I'm hard at work on some new projects and I'm on a John Grisham kick right now, just finished devouring The Rainmaker and finished The Innocent Man not too long ago.
  • Dennis Leppanen

    Thanks for the invite. Reading is still alive, no matter how many new electronic devices try to kill it off. I see that you are in Tennessee, we bought a place up in Rocky Top and plan to spend 3-4 months a year there.
  • Kathryn Lilley

    Hi QBR,
    I love the photo on your web site-very beautiful and almost haunting. Is that a place in Tennessee? As a (part-time) native of the South, I especially love stories that are set there. Thank you for the invitation!
  • Jeri Westerson

    Just saying hi and thanks for wanting to "friend" me. :)
  • Bill Peschel

    Thanks for inviting me.
  • Dianne Day

    We have similar tastes in books and tv shows, but I'm nowhere near as impressively prolific as you! Glad to have you among the Friends.
  • Sarah Wisseman

    thanks for the invite. i'm new to Crimespace, but I'm enjoying it already!
  • Jeff Markowitz

    Thanks for the invite. I'm just learning my way around crimespace, but I'm really impressed.
  • Rhonda

    Hello, QBR (I'm copying from Dennis) thank you for the invite, looking through your favourite TV shows I too like the same shows except for Supernatural and I don't know of Blood Ties we don't get it in Australia and I finally found someone who watches Boston Legal, Denny Crane has me in stitches a perfect role for William Shatner
  • Larry W. Chavis

    Thanks for the invite. Your author list contains several I enjoy also. In fact, I'm just now reading my first Kathy Reichs, and I believe she'll be a "keeper." ;-)

    Criminal Minds is a great TV show.
  • Maxine Schmidt

    Thanks for the invitation. I tend to read everything by an author I like too. It makes my life hard-- they write so slowly, and I mourn Jane Austen to this day.
  • QualityBookReviews


    Kathy Reichs is definetly a keeper. I have every book she has written, I collect the hardback books. So I get them when they first come out. Enjoy!
    Which of her titles are you reading at the moment?
  • Larry W. Chavis

    Just started *Deja Dead* yesterday. It's been in my TBR pile for a little while; what with teaching & trying to write, read, research (to say nothing of wife, kids, grandkids!), the pile doesn't shrink as fast as it used to.

    But I believe I'll be finishing this one quickly, and looking for others.

    Would you have suggestions as to the next read?
  • QualityBookReviews

    Death Du Jour then Deadly Decisions

    I tend to like to read in order of publication, starting with the first and working my way up to the last.
  • Sylvia Hubbard

    I'd love to know your review process. I'll be releasing my title in August and just started looking for reviewers as we speak. Let me know if I can shoot you a press kit!!

    Thanks for connecting me to your crimespace.ning
  • Bill Peschel

    Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to reading more about your efforts.
  • QualityBookReviews

    So I changed the background, I think I like this better. Plus my favorite color is black, so I figured why not!
  • Delphine Cingal

    I did not know Dr Bill Bass published detective fiction. Thanks for the information and the invitation.
  • QualityBookReviews

    Jefferson Bass (Dr. Bill Bass & Jon Jefferson) have a new book coming out in September called "Beyond The Body Farm" A Legendary Bone Detective Explores Murders, Mysteries, And The Revolution In Forensic Science. I cannot wait.
    In the picture is from left to right Jon Jefferson, myself, and Dr. Bill Bass
  • Bill Kirton

    Hi QBR,
    Thanks for the invitation. Amazing how I read about this site a few days ago, eventually got round to signing up, and suddenly have lots of new friends (and even less time to write because I'm reading their blogs and chats). I'm obviously an avid collector of displacement activities.
  • Brian Kavanagh

    Just saying 'hello'. Good to hear from you,
  • QualityBookReviews

    Glad to see everyone, I hope you all continue to have a great week and even a greater weekend coming up!
  • QualityBookReviews

    Well after 10 months of semi-retirement to take care of my new grandson, it is back off to no retirement and back to work full time. Wow, that was the quickest 10 months of my life. Well I am off to work, hope everyone has a great day!
  • Matthew Ogborn

    Thanks for the chance to pop my head into your world. I'm looking for some feedback on my first novel and would be bowled over if you could take a look. Let me know if you have any time. If not, I understand. I barely remember to breathe some days in the hectic London world. Best, Matt